We got officially re-blogged!


We got our first official re-blogging! Manon Kubler enjoyed the post Paris is Burning enough to put it on his awesome photography blog. Check it out here. Thank you Manon, for leaving trace and this kind and so truthful comment (freely translated by me). :)

It’s extraordinary to see the worlds, thoughts and ideas of those who share the web. Almost everytime they transform it into beautiful places to visit. Manon Kubler


Tivemos o nosso primeiro re-blogging oficial! O Manon Kubler gostou do post Paris is Burning o suficiente para o colocar no seu belíssimo blog de fotografia. Vejam-no aqui. Obrigada Manon, por deixar rasto e pelo comentário tão simpático como verdadeiro. :)

Es extraordinario ver los otros mundos, los pensamientos e ideas de quien comparte la red. Casi siempre la transforman en hermosos sitios que visitar. Manon Kubler


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