Work: Waiting & Wishing


WAITING & WISHING is about a girl whose lover went away on a cargo ship and left her waiting for his return. As the days go by she misses him more and more and desire takes hold of her, longing for him to come back. Styled by me and photographed by the most talented José Ferreira, this baby got us featured on Sicky Magazine too. Go ahead and click “Read More” to see the full editorial with our hot-hot Estefânia waiting & wishing.

WAITING & WISHING é sobre uma penosa espera pelo namorado que partiu num navio de carga. Os dias passam e o desejo toma conta da nossa protagonista, que espera e desespera pela chegada do seu amado. Com styling meu e fotografia do talentoso José Ferreira, este editorial foi recentemente publicado na Sicky Magazine. A desejosa Estefânia espera-vos ansiosamente depois de clicarem em “Read More”.


Sweater: Osklen | Culottes: H&M | Shoes: Zilian | Chain: H&M

Pants: Hoss Intropia | Bra: H&M | Corset: H&M | Chain: H&M


Cardigan: By Malene Birger | Bra: Intimissimi | Culottes: H&M | Shoes: Zilian


Bra: Tezenis | Skirt: By Malene Birger | Shoes: Zilian | Chain: H&M


Dress: Tezenis | Culottes: H&M | Shoes: Zilian | Chain: H&M


Dress: Hilfiger Denim | Bra: Intimissimi | Chain: H&M


Skirt: Production | Bra: Intimissimi | Shoes: Zilian | Chain: H&M


Dress: By Malene Birger | Shoes: Zilian | Earrings and Chain: H&M




12.06.2013 Publishing update: Hacid Mag, page 50.


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